MiniBanners Exchange

Our 125x125 banner exchange is currently displaying on over 8,000 locations. That is a lot of potential exposure for your next advertising campaign. You may display our code to earn impressions or you may purchase impressions or both. Sign up today for an opportunity to get your advertising noticed quickly.




1. What is a Banner Exchange?
2. What do I need to join?
3. What is a Banner?
4. What is an Url?
5. What types of sites are accepted?
6. I am already a member of another banner exchange, Can I Join?
 What is a banner exchange?
A banner exchange is a group of web sites that exchange advertising with each other. Each web site has an banner advertisement that displays other web sites' banners. By displaying ads on their web site, banner exchange members generate free advertising for their own banners.

We are the middle man in the process, delivering and rotating 125x125 banners on your web site with each request. When a banner is clicked on, we process the click-thru, and direct the individual to the respective member web site. Using a banner exchange is a great way to gain exposure for your web site. Your advertising is spread across an array of web sites, maximizing visibility. At this time our banner exchange is both a free and paid service. However, we may at any time stop permitting new free unpaid members from joining as there are only a limited number of free positions available.
 What do I need to join?
You will need a 125x125 pixel GIF, JPG, or PNG, image (your advertising banner) and a web page. We will use your banner to advertise your web site. After joining, you will be provided with an HTML code to insert into your web page. This HTML code will automatically display an exchange banner in your web page, and in return you will generate advertising credits for your banners.
 What is a Mini Banner?
A mini-banner is a 125x125 pixel image (like the one at the top of this page). If you do not have a banner you can create one online, or use a graphics program like GIMP, PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, or Corel Paint. On your banner you place your advertising message like "Click here to Buy books from". Your banner is advertised on our network along with the pool of banners from other members.
 What is a Url?
A URL is basically an address (like a mailing address) that directs a browser to your web page. is a URL. If you have a web page, view it using your browser, and copy the "Location" box information.
 What types of sites are accepted?
Only sites intended for the general public will be accepted. This banner exchange does not accept adult content sites. Advertising banners and websites must NOT contain nudity, partial nudity, violence, vulgar language, or links to adult sites. In addition, advertising banners cannot imply a link to an adult content site (using adult related banners to draw public to your non-adult website).
 What if I break the rules?
Your account will be deleted and you will be banned from using our system. You can place our banner exchange banners in your web pages that already have other exchange banners. However, you can only have 1 of our banner exchange banners per web page.



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