Random Cash Payments

Random Cash Payments

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Sign-up Is A Simple 2 Step Process!

STEP 1. Simply click on the displayed payment button at the bottom of this page and pay your $15 sponsorship fee to the verified Random Cash Payments sponsor.
Sponsors are ALWAYS paid first, just like you will be!

STEP 2. Follow through Alertpay back to here and you will be redirected to the account creation page where you will be asked to complete the setup by paying the administration fee of $4.

Your account will be instantly activated, your id will start showing in rotation, and you will be able to login and plug your advertisements into the system.

 To avoid sign up errors please CLICK HERE
 to open this sponsors page in a new browser window or tab.


1. Can I change my email address, advertising, and banners?
YES; login to your account to make any changes.

2. I do not have an AlertPay-Payza account yet.
Look for a link to AlertPay-Payza button or banner somewhere on this page. AlertPay-Payza is currently required to receive automatic instant payments. Other payment solutions are or will be available. Contact us if you wish to get started immediately with another payment processor while you get your AlertPay-Payza account setup to receive automatic payments. Use one of your text link ads to use your current payment processor. Example; "PURCHASE your own LIFETIME advertising sponsor page here" When you receive a payment contact us with your new purchasers information so that we can tie your payment and our admin fee together and create a new account for them.

3. Purchase a 1 year GOLD upgrade for $35.00 using PayPal at www.HitsSurfer.com and receive a free lifetime Random Cash Payments account. Contact us to set up your account manually.

4. The sponsors payment link was not accepted or did not work.
Select a recent sponsor by clicking on the banner below until you find one that is working. People that fail to keep their AlertPay-Payza email address updated will loose their opportunity to be paid automatically until they update their account from inside our members back office account area.


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What makes our service different...

1. A realistic one time investment that can sustain for many years. If they charge any less it may not last a year. All sites require sufficient funding to support themselves. This also helps to keep offensive posters away. This is a serious business opportunity that we want to preserve for years to come.

2. ONE-WAY DO-FOLLOW backlinks that never expire. Improve your page rank while getting paid for it.

3. Return of your original investment with just 1 referral.

4. Payments go directly to your account first not anyone else's.

5. Login and edit your account anytime. Change your ads and email address.

6. Multiple accounts are permitted by using different email address only.

7. Upgrades are available inside the members area which will add weights to your promotional link. The more you promote your link the more opportunities you create for increased profits.

8. Only upgraded members can receive a full licensed copy of our enhanced latest version of this script for their own. Contact us from inside the members back office.

Bonus download details

No offensive content will be tolerated of any kind. We retain the right to remove or delete any account without recourse or refund of any kind. All links and or content must be acceptable for general audience viewing.
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