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Bottom Line: Please realize that any third party stat tracking software is very unreliable and inaccurate when it comes to traffic campaigns where traffic
is presented at a very rapid rate. Keep in mind analytics is often your last two lines of code on your page, so, as an example, if the user doesn't need an auto
from Florida, since they are geographically located somewhere else, there is a good chance they will never load those two lines after the page begins to show.
If you have trouble seeing your campaign in analytics, pull the code up to the first two lines in the body, and see if things change. BTW our own analytics
data for our various websites suffers greatly from inaccuracy... analytics is not consistent. Also know that analytics data has a
24 hour latency in reporting at a
minimum, and often longer.

Google lists many reasons analytics can be inaccurate on their website, specifically:

Incorrect or No Installation, Incorrect tracking code, Incorrect filter settings, Viewing Incorrect Account, Using both Urchin software and Google
Analytics. Using an Outdated Version of ga.js, Interfering Scripts, Outdated Flash plug-in, disabled JavaScript on the end user browser, and visits from China.

Many template websites may even be de-listed by Google if they are really clones of websites that already exist and get only a small amount of traffic. Many of
the cloned websites sold will start off with this problem, until you gradually get them established.


We welcome you to install counters, which can be a good gauge, with all things considered as stated above.

However we can not be responsible for your counters or their accuracy.

Ideally it would be best to put your counters at the top of your web page, at the beginning of the body, and install multiple counters, then you would see how
they all will differ. But donít make the mistake as so many do of signing up for a counter service, and think thatís itÖ you have to INSTALL the code on the
target website page in order for it to work, and even then, if the website has any issues in responsiveness, or if the counter site has any issues in
responsiveness, which it will intermittently with fast delivery page requests, and/or the code is incompatible or interfere with other scripts on your website,
your counter will undercount or may not even not count at all, depending on the end user browser viewing your site, and whether or not they have java and other
settings enabled.

All things considered it is just the nature of the beast and nothing is 100% accurate 100% of the time. We do our best to provide your with an honest service
here at HitsSurfer and will continue to do so.

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand.



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